Nine Point Publishing has evolved since 2006 into an exclusive publisher of fine hardcover, paperback, and limited edition books of poetry, prose, drama, art, and documentation.

Staying true to the Spirit of Art, editor Geoff Gronlund publishes contemporary books profound, esoteric, epiphanic. Writers whose Poetic Genius has the potential to awaken the Human Spirit.

First vision for individual, or press: the Now. Stance: the Instant. Then, one can look around. Toward the future, as visionary as possible, or the past toward origins. Always, in this case, with an ear to the ground for language. Nine Point Publishing is not in the business of anything other than presenting the best possible material it can dig up, whether poetry, prose, drama, art, or documentation. A clear vision. In murky times. It began with an appropriately named small magazine called Omphalos, after the Greek stone at Delphi signifying the center of the world. After seeing it through issue 14 Nine Point has emerged ready to take on a larger scope. Open to what rings true and moves us, which of course is the exception. We will not sift through large amounts of unsolicited material. Instead, for the most part, solicited work will last.

Our foundation assembled: interview with John Cage by Larry A. Fader; two books of poetry by National Book Award nominee William Heyen including Hiroshima Suite and the forthcoming Crazy Horse & the Custers: The River of Electricity; three books of prose poetry by Robert Gibbons, whose writing both Guy Davenport and Marjorie Perloff compared to Rimbaud's Illuminations; and a forthcoming expanded edition of A Seneca Journal by Jerome Rothenberg. That's it for Now, yet ever evolving.

Publisher of Fine Editions | Geoff Gronlund, Editor