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A Seneca Journal

by Jerome Rothenberg

“Jerome Rothenberg is a DNA spaceman exploring the mammal caves of Now.”

– Michael McClure

  • December 3, 2013 publication date
  • Hardcover format
  • 0-9858278-6-6ISBN-10
  • 168 pages
  • $21.95 price

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Author Bio

Rothenberg Jerome Rothenberg is an internationally known poet with over eighty books of poetry and twelve assemblages of traditional and avant-garde poetry such as Technicians of the Sacred and, with Pierre Joris and Jeffrey Robinson, Poems for the Millennium, volumes 1-3. Recent books of poems include Gematria Complete, Concealments & Caprichos, A Cruel Nirvana, A Poem of Miracles, and Retrievals: Uncollected & New Poems 1955-2010. His latest big book is Eye of Witness: A Jerome Rothenberg Reader, and he is now working on a global and historical anthology of “outsider and subterranean poetry.”



“Jerome Rothenberg is one of the truly contemporary American poets who has returned U.S. poetry to the mainstream of international modern literature. At the same time he is a true autochthon. Only here and now could have produced him — a swinging orgy of Martin Buber, Marcel Duchamp, Gertrude Stein, and Sitting Bull. No one writing poetry today has dug deeper into the roots of poetry.” – Kenneth Rexroth
“Jerome Rothenberg is an exception to the general misuse of Native America. His book, A Seneca Journal, misses the quality of voyeurism that too often characterizes poetic attempts at Indianismo, and becomes a record of the meaning of life within the American land. . . . This is an example of the kind of borrowing that is possible: one that allows the dignity of giver and taker to remain not only undisturbed, but celebrated, illuminated, made clear. Because Jerome Rothenberg understands his own origins, because he knows his fathers and how his being arises of/from theirs, he can accept and articulate his Seneca experience justly.” – Paula Gunn Allen
“The significance of Jerome Rothenberg’s animating spirit looms larger every year. … [He] is the ultimate ‘hyphenated’ poet: critic-anthropologist-editor-anthologist-performer-teacher-translator, to each of which he brings an unbridled exuberance and an innovator’s insistence on transforming a given state of affairs.” – Charles Bernstein
“Jerome Rothenberg is a DNA spaceman exploring the mammal caves of Now.” – Michael McClure


snake island lament

the continent crossed
cries forth in pain
“o my tits
“my belly under pressure
“& my thighs in grief
the rockies burdened one day
slide into the continental shelf
she who had been the earth
herself held the mountains to the land
who gave each part to us
“her hair became trees & grass
“her flesh the clay
“her bones the rocks
“her blood the springs of water
“Old One said: henceforth you will be the earth & people will
“live on you & trample on your belly       you will be as their
“mother for from you bodies will spring & to you       they will
“go back they will derive nourishment from you for you are fat
“& they will use all parts of your body you will no longer weep “when you see your children
lady       mother
dead anew her children left to
rains & winds

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