A Seneca Journal

by Jerome Rothenberg

"Jerome Rothenberg is one of the truly contemporary American poets who has returned U.S. poetry to the mainstream of international modern literature. At the same time he is a true autochthon. Only here and now could have produced him - a swinging orgy of Martin Buber, Marcel Duchamp, Gertrude Stein, and Sitting Bull. No one writing poetry today has dug deeper into the roots of poetry."
— Kenneth Rexroth

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To Know Others, Various & Free

by Robert Gibbons

“Good to know that Gibbons and Nine Point Publishing have created a third volume to form a Trilogy, along with This Time and Traveling Companion. I go with him on Goya, Goya, Goya, and like the way his voice comes across naturally at the same moment perceiving. I don’t know much else in English like it. The books are finely done, too.”
— John Felstiner
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Olson/Still: Crossroad

by Robert Gibbons

Prose pieces on the "similarities & distinctions between art in paint by Clyfford Still, & art in language by Charles Olson. The vertical in both is a matter of digging & penetration, not only into the matter of the work, but that of the self."
— from "Abstract Lines"

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"My object is not to make people read, but to make them think."
– Montesquieu

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William Heyen’s Crazy Horse & the Custers Forthcoming May 2015

Heyen’s Crazy Horse & the Custers features 31 paintings by DeLoss McGraw
Posted November 19, 2014

Crazy Horse in Stillness, 470 poems & one prose piece (“Tongues”), appeared from BOA Editions in 1996. Even as the book was just coming out, & then for several more years, I kept writing poems relating to Tasunke Witko & the Custers, the Plains, the buffalo. For a time I thought I’d eventually find places for these poems in an expanded edition of Stillness, but a new book formed, a substantial collection that I never did submit anywhere. As I got caught up in other projects, I pretty much forgot about this “Annex” until Geoff Gronlund, who had made such an attractive book…of my Hiroshima Suite (cover painting by DeLoss McGraw), offered to publish another collection of mine.

Crazy Horse in Stillness is out of print. For [this book], I’ve cut down, I hope, to its heart & bones, its essence, to have it accompany, now, Crazy Horse & the Custers: The River of Electricity.”
– William Heyen
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