Schopenhauer’s Will

by Jack Matthews

“Jack Matthews’ creative biography explores Schopenhauer’s days and works. Rarely has philosophy been so vital and interesting.... Schopenhauer’s Will is beautifully written.”
— Sam Pickering
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Crazy Horse & the Custers

poetry by William Heyen

paintings by DeLoss McGraw

“Now the cycle of poems is complete and encompasses the history of the Americas. In Crazy Horse & the Custers, Bill Heyen’s poems flash across glimmering quantum plains to illuminate fierce truths about the invasion and the eventual retaking of the Americas. I smile every time I think of this book.”
– Leslie Marmon Silko

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A Seneca Journal

by Jerome Rothenberg

"Jerome Rothenberg is one of the truly contemporary American poets who has returned U.S. poetry to the mainstream of international modern literature. At the same time he is a true autochthon. Only here and now could have produced him - a swinging orgy of Martin Buber, Marcel Duchamp, Gertrude Stein, and Sitting Bull. No one writing poetry today has dug deeper into the roots of poetry."
— Kenneth Rexroth

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forthcoming titles

  • Crazy Horse & the Custers (limited edition) poetry by William Heyen
  •     paintings by DeLoss McGraw
  • Sonny’s Bar by Ed Hamilton
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Updated: May 25, 2015 Jack Matthews’s Schopenhauer’s Will: das Testament
Review by Robert Nagle on Ghostly Populations

Schopenhauer’s Will is more approachable than conventional biographies”

“Jack Matthew’s book on Schopenhauer has different aims. Intended more for the general reader than the scholar, it’s compact by design and consists of 2-3 page meditations on various episodes in Schopenhauer’s life. Every chunk has a title (“Hearing from Momma,” “And Now the Third Mountain,” “Escape to Venice,” etc) and ends with a relevant quotation from Schopenhauer or a contemporary.... The best thing about Shopenhauer’s Will is that it balances the need to convey Schopenhauer’s ideas with Matthews’ need to tell a good story; it’s just as much a book about dog walking as it is about one man’s gloomy philosophies.”

– Robert Nagle
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